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Grab a healthy drink from these Black owned juicers

Black owned juicers

Sometimes our body craves a healthy meal and a refreshing taste, because it’s not always about pizza or mac and cheese. Whether you are on a detox cleanse or you’re just looking to have more fruits and vegetables into your diet, smoothies and juices are a perfect way to align your body and taste requirements. And with these amazing black owned juicers, you can do both, help our community and maintain your health altogether.

1. Tropical Smoothie


Tropical Smoothies

Tropical Smoothie is not just a smoothie cafe, it’s an experience to take you down the exotic path of flavorful smoothies. The toasted flatbreads, wraps, sandwiches, quesadillas, and bowls make a perfect combination with your gourmet meats along with the tropical fresh smoothies. The tastes are extraordinarily new and rejuvenating; good enough to make you forget any other smoothie in the world.

Not only is their taste eccentric, but their names also leave a mark on you. Who on earth doesn’t want to have an Island Green or a Sunrise Sunset. All these smoothies are made to order and if you don’t want to visit their store, they will deliver everything to your home. Enjoy healthy smoothies and tasty sandwiches in the comfort of your couch, because they’ve got an app to manage everything. 

And if you want to be a food entrepreneur yourself, contact them, because they’re up for distributing the Tropical Smoothie franchise. 

2. RENEW Smoothies & Salads

Renew Burger

Kesha Andrews launched Renew Smoothies and Salads in 2015 and since then, there has been no day on which her team hasn’t spread happiness in Miramar. From their aesthetic Acai Fruit Bowl, Paninis, and Salads to their Star Turkey burger, they’ve got every flavor covered. And if you’re a Fruit Dragon, get ready to munch on your favorite fruits and smoothies.

Got kids? It’s a treat! They have a special menu for your little munchkins, because they know “it’s a full-time job to make your kids eat healthy veggies and fruits.” Drench your taste buds with the fruity-veggie rain and Renew your body with scrumptious spiced up salads. Land yourself in the delicious territory of fruits, salads, and salads.

3. Juice Defined 

Juice Defined is a black-owned juicery in Opa Locka, Florida that provides access to raw and fresh handmade juices in the city. Founded by Black entrepreneur Fathiyyah, Juice Defined works to put our community first. The juices are 100% natural and handmade with the cold press to keep the nutritional value intact and improve entire communities’ health as a whole. Not just juices, she provides a complete detox education in the form of eBooks and webinars.

Fathiyyah is a mother, healer, and community enthusiast with a master’s degree in counseling and addictions professional. She started Juice Defined after a near-death experience with preeclampsia in 2010 while giving birth to her daughter. Fathiyyah discovered the power of juicing and understood how powerful natural juices are in any healing process. Currently, she is the master juicer at Juice Defined. Her mission is to create access to healthier options by providing a community-based, holistic approach to wellness.

If you have finally started your journey to fitness and health, Juice Defined can be your partner to make this path even more successful, easy, and tasty. Order your bottle of ‘health and joy’ today. They will serve tailor-made natural juices right in front of your door.

4. Smoothie Express 

Smoothie Express

Hop on to the Smoothie Express and spice up your summers with tropical fruit juices, smoothies, veggies, and healthy snacks. If you’re on a diet, but unable to satisfy your taste buds, this black-owned juice bar is worth a visit. Whether hanging out with friends or enjoying with your family, you need not compromise on unhealthy food, because Smoothie Express takes care of both your gut and diet. 

It’s a funky juicing spot that is not only limited to juices and smoothies, rather it comes with a loaded menu of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and paninis. Want some shrimps? They have it here and don’t forget to order yourself a Floridian chicken, because that’s the star dish on their menu. 

5. The Squeeze Juice Bar 

Black owned juicer

Squeeze the sun with garden-fresh juices from The Squeeze Juice Bar. Launched by Jamaican entrepreneur Elan Gye Doeman, The Squeeze Juice Bar is a quick-service restaurant that serves you healthy and nutritious food alternatives. At SJB you can have a saturated meal with made-to-order juices, smoothies, panini sandwiches, and salads. They also have unique menu items for solid foods, including keto bowls, Beyond Burger paninis, and falafel tacos.

Quality is a no-compromise zone for SJB, because every ingredient is locally hand-picked by the team itself. Their priority is to serve our entire community by building relationships all while offering healthy food that fuels and nourishes the body. Drop by 16171 Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami Beach, and have your share of delicious fruity heaven.

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