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Black tech startups are on the rise in Miami

Black Tech Startup

Miami is booming with new businesses, but don’t take it wrong — when we say business — it’s not just limited to fancy beachy nightclubs or stunning sunset view vacation resorts, we mean The Tech Business — The Black Tech Startups. Sunset resorts can’t be ignored though😉.

Miami! It’s a hotspot. Nothing less than an emerging Silicon Valley of the south. Although the pandemic was of no good to the world, the tech space in South Florida gained momentum and exponentiated the growth by attracting hundreds of startups within two years from mega hubs like New York, Austin, and even the Silicon Valley itself.

However, it’s not just about attracting or relocating the existing ones, a large number of new startups have been launched in South Florida, especially in Miami. And the best part? They are mostly Black-owned and operated. Black tech startups are on the rise in Miami and you can’t miss the ones listed here on as all of these businesses deserve your attention. After all, it’s the community that stands for its people.


Whether it’s hosting the largest NFT conference — Miami NFT Week — in the United States or the raising tech startups, Miami isn’t backing off on any front. If it’s Miami in question, then we are talking about growth, and Black entrepreneur Khambrel Roach’s LifeCache is proof.

LifeCache is a platform that allows users to capture, save, and share moments using location-based technologies and Augmented Reality in a unique way. It transforms the way people consume content by enabling users to explore immersive 360-degree moments with a mind-altering AR experience. LifeCache is trailblazing a new pathway to explore cities, events, and commercial real estate ultimately driving the mass adoption of the Metaverse.

Black tech entrepreneur, Khambrel Roach is the mastermind behind the platform’s strong foundation and development. Roach is a multi-disciplinary fintech professional and a creative entrepreneur who bridges strategy with data-based insights. He leverages complex projects through creative processes and develops scalable solutions such as LifeCache itself.


Founded by Ariana Waller, a Black woman techie, Mueshi is one of a kind in the blockchain space. It’s a marketplace to buy, sell, and fractionally invest in Fine Art NFTs. Yes! Fractional investment in NFTs. Sounds crazy and technically weird, right? But the Black tech mind of Ms. Waller made it possible for you. Ariana is a serial entrepreneur in the rapidly-growing NFT space while being a full-stack software engineer on the side. She was also an honored key speaker during the Miami NFT Week, the state’s largest NFT conference held in Miami in April 2022. Mueshi is helping the artists of tomorrow to establish their worth today and allowing everyone to get access to the NFTs whether in full or fraction.

Rav AI

Rav Ai is a platform that takes your raw video footage and has professionally edited videos for you in moments. It’s a tool to automate and upgrade your social media videos. Founded by Jonas Cleveland, Rav AI helps grow your social media community by 10 times, because why not… Good videos mean more engagement and Black tech master Jonas Cleveland surely understands this. Jonas is an AI and Robotics entrepreneur who is passionate about building technology and products that improve the quality of life for all. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of COSY, Cognitive Operational Systems, Inc.


VoiceBlasts is another amazing platform down the Miami tech arena. It’s an App to help entrepreneurs share their experiences by connecting them with a community of others on similar journeys. With VoiceBlasts, founders can share their stories, help fellow entrepreneurs learn about mistakes they made, make new friends, and get the right support needed to succeed. VoiceBlasts uses asynchronous audio chats as a medium to communicate. This makes the conversations authentic, natural, and fun.

VoiceBlasts is founded by Black techie Adrian Claudius-Cole. He is not just an entrepreneur, but a designer, engineer, and community builder who has developed more than 30 functional products.

Voice Blasts is available both on Android and iOS. Don’t wait. Go download and add yourself to Adrian’s Club.


Let’s do the highlight first. ByteChek has raised a hefty $3M in seed funding. What makes this seed round even more special is that more than 80% of the investment came from Black angels and Black-led funds.

So what is ByteChek? Well, ByteCheck is an automated platform that helps businesses comply with SOC 2 audits. Unlike before, companies can now become SOC 2 compliant through ByteChek without having to engage with an external team of consultants. The platform makes compliance happen faster, easier, and for sure with way too less expenses for the company.

CEO and founder, AJ Yawn is a Miam-based Black entrepreneur and a Florida State University alumnus. He believes in changing the narratives of tech business for the Black community.

Looking for SOC 2 compliance? Off you go with ByteChek.


Getting an urgent appointment with a salon is no easy job. Not to mention it can be a real shock to your monthly bill. Keeping this in mind, Black woman entrepreneur, Rishielle Giscombe launched Glamo App. It is a beauty on-demand app that provides you with a beauty professional wherever and whenever you want. Glamo matches you with beauty professionals to provide beauty services in the comfort of your location.

Glamo is a female-founded Black tech startup and this makes us even more proud. Rishielle’s vision behind Glamo is to revolutionize the beauty industry. She sees the future where all stylists earn their rightful share while providing on-demand quality services.

So download the App and get dolled up wherever you want.

BON2 Media Services

BON2 Media Services is a PR distribution company that recently launched a patented post-production proprietary video player that creates and distributes interactive, music videos, feature length films, and other video content with thousands of shoppable data points.

It gives audiences the power to shop a product while watching any video and buying it instantly from affiliate e-commerce merchants that sell the particular item. The app also has a catalog of people, places, and other things to drive interactive experiences on any given shot. Founder and CEO Ntana Bantu Key is a Black tech entrepreneur whose vision is to give creative and interactive control to filmmakers and to empower creators by enabling the audience to shop instantly.

So it can be said that Miami Black Tech Space is indeed on a rise!

But wait… We have some Fort Lauderdale zest as well.


Founded by Black tech entrepreneur Danella Williams, Cleaven is a search engine that finds branded clearance products from around the world across several fashion industries. Looking for a Zara dress for your weekend’s date, but on a budget? Surf through Cleaven, because Cleaven is Clever! With its headquarters situated in Fort Lauderdale, Cleaven is making it easy for everyone to get the quality clearance fashion from top retailers in one place.

Danella Williams is a licensed attorney with a huge appetite for entrepreneurship which inspired her to launch Cleaven. In her career, she has successfully litigated multimillion-dollar cases and now propelling the fashion space to new heights with this advanced fashion search engine.

With Cleaven, Danella is delivering the TJ Maxx experience, online. Technically, it’s the world’s first clearance fashion search platform to help save your time, and of course, energy to trawl through hundreds of retailer pages trying to find quality clearance fashions available in your size. It’s a heaven for shoppers and so the team calls it… “Your Clearance Heaven.”

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