Lil Greenhouse Grill is the darling of Overtown Miami’s revitalization. Overtown was once heralded as the Harlem of the South but was destroyed when I-95 was grazed through the neighborhood.

Owners Nicole Gates and Karim Bryant have positioned Lil Greenhouse Grill has the neighborhood restaurant, the local Cheers, and the go-to spot. Nicole shares how the pandemic has affected the normal course of business and how to continue to sustain. Nicole also shares her optimism for the future and their expansion plans.

If you love American culture and history, you have to love Black culture because there is no American culture without that infusion of soul. In any major metropolitan American city, people are seeking out the Black restaurant and Black-owned because people are seeking out the joy and that feeling of overcoming whether you’re Black, White or Hispanic. There’s something so special about being Black that can’t be denied

About Nicole Gates & Chef Karim Bryant

In 2017, Nicole and business partner Chef Karim Bryant launched Lil Greenhouse Grill in Downtown Miami, a hip, neo-soul, healthier alternative for soul food that has drawn global recognition and promotional partnerships with brands like Weight Watchers and Special Olympics. With coverage in national media like and CBS This Morning, Chef Bryant’s carefully cultured and curated soul inspired menu has drawn in celebrities from all platforms including Michael Eric Dyson, Congressman John Lewis, and most recently Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey.

Chef Karim Bryant is a 20 year culinary professional who used his upbringing in the Historic Overtown Community as motivation to craft his skills in the restaurant industry. Under the direction of legendary restaurateurs such as Ralph Pagano, Chef Bryant has held long term engagements at 5-star favorites such as Capital Grill, Prime 112, and STK. Chef Bryant has served as Executive Chef for luxury brands The Butcher Shop and BLT Trump Doral.

Where to find Lil Greenhouse Grill

1300 NW 3rd Ave, Miami
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