Jamila Powell splits her time as an attorney and an emerging entrepreneur with a natural hair care salon, Maggie Rose Miami, a candle bar, and a new product line, Naturally Drenched. On this episode, Jamila shares how she’s transitioned her 9-to-5 into entrepreneurship and the process of creating her new hair care line.

On this episode of the Black Business Podcast, Jamila reveals that she’s working on a soon to be released product line current, Naturally Drenched. She shares the process that she went through to create the formula, package it, and bring it to market.

I’m going to create a line that’s the only product that I use in the salon. I could’ve private labeled it and went to a laboratory but I wouldn’t have owned my own formula.

About Jamila Powell

Jamila Powell is a mother, attorney, and entrepreneur and enjoys sharing her steps to success and her vision for the future. She is the founder of Maggie Rose Salon, one of the top texture salons in the country.

Even with a thriving career as an attorney, Jamila has always had a passion for creating and building businesses. After becoming a Mom, she decided to open a salon to encourage people to embrace their beauty on the inside and out. She’s since created a candle shop and is working on a new product line. Her goal is to open several Maggie Rose Salons around the world.

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