Ebony Daniels Sanon is an engineer by profession and the creator of The LimeLight Collection, a luxury line of jewel-encrusted clutch purses. In this episode, Ebony shares how her international travels inspired the brand and how she’s sourced manufacturers from various countries to produce the purses. Ebony also shares how her engineering background is a natural fit as a designer and allows her to tap into her creative side.

Part of realizing the dream is putting in the work, and along the way you’re going to fail at something. I failed miserably at my first company back in 2001, but I look back and realize it was part of my journey. I wish then that I had more of a community to tell me that the failure was normal. The lesson is in the failure.

About Ebony Daniels Sanon

Born as a military kid in Washington State, growing up in Memphis, TN and Key West, FL to establishing her home base in sunny South Florida, this Howard University graduate always had a passion for designing.

As opposed to engineering automobile engines and NASA space satellites, this mechanical and biomedical engineer translated her skillset to the world of sparkling handbags. Her passion for fashion design began at the early age of 12 but was lured to the STEM fields by mentors who recognized her innate talent for math and science. Inspired by extensive world travels, coupled with her in-depth background in both business and manufacturing, Ebony has returned to her first love of fashion with the launch of The LimeLight Collection.

Where to find The LimeLight Collection

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