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Groovin’ Bean Coffee Bar & Lounge

1053 Northwest 53rd Street, Miami, FL, USA
Call us anytime 786.353.2566
Live Music Owner's Name:Monique Messer & Keon Lewis Owner's Ethnicity:African-American

Overtown has its own coffee bar with the opening of Groovin’ Bean. Enjoy this quaint coffeebar offering in-house roasted coffee as well as free wi-fi, savory tapas, and homemade baked goods along with their famous original Beignets. There’s also live music, signature cocktails, and spoken word.  Breakfast is served all day, and we offer free wifi to customers.

Groovin’ Bean pride Itself with providing medium and dark roast fair trade coffee from Columbia, Honduras, Guatemala, Uganda, and other countries!  We work with local suppliers to source the freshest, highest quality offerings and serve a wide range of selections such as Espresso, Cappucino, Cafe’ Latte, Frappe’, American Coffee, Cafe Cubano, Chai Tea, and Ice Tea.

Groovin’ Bean was recently featured on the Black Business podcast presented by BlackPagesMiami. Click to listen to the episode.

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1053 Northwest 53rd Street, Miami, FL, USA

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