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10700 Caribbean Blvd, Cutler Bay, Suite 301, FL, USA
Owner's Name:Carole Jackson Owner's Ethnicity:African-American

Tradewinds Financial Planning is a fee-only Florida-registered fiduciary offering independent and objective financial planning and investment advisory services to help our clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets so that they can meet their goals and provide a legacy for their families or life projects. Most of our clients are small business owners and government employees, and our company also focuses on women who are mid-career changers, all of whom are working toward financial independence.

Our company can advise on goal setting, cash planning, and debt management, help figure out how your assets should be invested, and advise on tax planning and whether you’re properly insured. Tradewinds Financial Planning can help you figure out how to pay for large purchases such as a house, your children’s or grandchildren’s education, or your own retirement. Our company can even help you figure out how best to help family members — a key to building a legacy in our close-knit families. Tradewinds Financial Planning offers complete financial plans, one-time consultations on specific issues, and helping businesses make financial decisions. Our company is dedicated to improving our clients’ financial knowledge. Unlike most firms, Tradewinds Financial Planning does not take custody of your assets, so you never give up control of your funds.

Carole Jackson is Tradewinds’ founder and CEO. Check the background of the firm and the founder on the website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission at under CRD #284441 (firm) and #6613618 (founder).

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10700 Caribbean Blvd, Cutler Bay, Suite 301, FL, USA

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