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The LimeLight Collection

Owner's Name:Ebony Daniels Sanon Owner's Ethnicity:Bahamian-Filipino

The spotlight is always on you.

The LimeLight Collection is an exquisite collection of handmade bejeweled rhinestone-encrusted clutch purses. Dress them up or dress them down, the luxurious purses are attention-grabbing, high quality designs that can be paired with an evening gown, that little black dress, or those skinny jeans. Each piece is delicately handmade and inspected by the most meticulous eyes, and no two are exactly alike. So your treasure is uniquely yours.

Designed by Ebony Daniels Sanon who combined her passion for world travel and haute couture, the products are produced overseas and assembled in Broward. The fine detail in the stone settings are set against a hard shell clutch casing with each rhinestone set by hand so that the stones are secured and the quality of the bag is timeless.

There’s several collections to shop from online, including The Must-have Collection, which is perfect for gala season, the Dream in Colors collection featuring an exquisite array of gold or icy blue colors, the Estelle collection with captivating shades of Magenta or Emerald. Each collection makes a glamorous statement, and you can’t go wrong.

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