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Nelly’s Fried Creamery

Owner's Name:Janelle Augustin Owner's Ethnicity:Haitian-American

Founded in September 2018, Nelly’s Fried Creamery changes the game in the dessert world by doing the unthinkable, frying ice cream. This isn’t the typical ice cream sprinkled with corn flakes, it’s the ultimate mashup of your favorite a la mode combinations. It’s so good, it was voted the People’s Choice Champion at Dessert Wars Season 7!

The bestselling flavor is Brown Noser, a chocolate chip fudge brownie, completely wrapped around vanilla ice cream, then battered and fried ’till it’s golden brown. When you take the first scoop, you hear an unexpected crunch. The first bite is always intoxicating. It’s a warm brownie with melted chocolate chips and a crunchy crust, mixed with the creamy and ice-cold ice cream. That’s what makes us different.

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Miami, FL, USA

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