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15744 Northeast 11th Court, North Miami Beach, FL, USA
Owner's Name:Esther R McCant Owner's Ethnicity :Haitian-American

Metro Mommy Agency provides support for mothers who need childbirth education and healthy support systems for families. Their focus is *reducing unnecessary C-sections * improving natural birth options in local hospitals * changing the disparities in healthy eating habits, healthcare, and education of mothers in South Florida. Clients can expect: * excellent customer service and critical knowledge through childbirth education * doula & labor support services before, during and after birth * nutritional coaching, and personalized consultations * a spark wherever you or mommies you may know are in their journey of mothering * support for mommies with no partner, little to no family or friends during this challenging and delicate time

The philosophy: Metro Mommy Agency believes efficacy in mothering begins with the fact that all mothers are created and capable, by design, of doing their best to care for their babies but are best able to do so with knowledge. They believe that with the proper knowledge base, you can build whatever picture of birth & mothering you’d like- if the design allows. Metro Mommy Agency believes that their role throughout the entire experience is to support you during your decision-making in childbirth and beyond. As women, the more we know, the more confident we feel about taking the next step. Taking the next step is much easier if you have someone walking alongside you, bouncing off your feedback and filtering past your symptoms.

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15744 Northeast 11th Court, North Miami Beach, FL, USA

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