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The soul of Coconut Grove. 3670 Grand Avenue, FL, United States
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There is deep history in Coconut Grove. So deep that Miami would not exist had it not been for the Bahamians that signed the City’s charter. And Kroma is committed to preserving the history, reviving the culture, and embracing the growth.

In the heart of Coconut Grove is a contemporary art space born out of a passion for using art and culture to develop communities. An initiative of the Collaborative Development Corporation, KROMA Miami is a collective art space consisting of 19 creative studios and 2 communal exhibition spaces created to promote the history of Coconut Grove and incubate emerging artists. Not only does the gallery afford burgeoning artists the opportunity to exhibit their work, it also serves as a community hub with educational programming to include art workshops and classes.

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3670 Grand Avenue, FL, United States

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