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Keith Lorren Gourmet Spices

Meet the Spice King! Miami, FL, USA
Owner's Name:Keith Lorren

He’s known as the Spice King and has traveled internationally to concoct a luxury lineup of gourmet spice blends that is meant to be more ten times more flavorful than any other spice brand currently on the market. With over 14 herbs and spices in each bottle, the spices are low in sodium, all natural, packed with omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, and with over 72 trace essential minerals.

His recently released Taste of Wakanda Recipe book and Spice of Wakanda blend pays tribute to the flavors and herbs of African cuisine. This exotic spice blend made with 28 herbs and spices was crafted from Ethiopian Flavor Profiles and displays flavorful notes and aromas from Cardamon, Ginger, African Chili Peppers, Garlic, Cumin and Fenugreek, to name a few.

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Miami, FL, USA

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