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871 Northwest 167th Terrace, Miami, FL, USA
Owner's Name:Joquetta Batista Owner's Ethnicity:African-American

Collective Sistahood is a collection of organizations joining together to serve educate and promote social welfare in their communities. The company envisions “uniting gifts and fighting deprivation”. This organization was founded on May 20, 2017, and officially incorporated on May 22, 2017, with a group of 13 women who represented the black diaspora. Having unique stories of fortitude and strength surviving their own life struggles. These women decided to come together to address the issues concerning the youth in their communities. A discussion was had to review the individual progress of one another only to expose the old way of doing business and being neighborly was lost. The organization had personal goals but no one to support or help with their dreams. The system of oppression was choking the life out of us on so many levels. Collective Sistahood looked around recognizing we all were able-bodied women but were failing to seize an opportunity to fulfill our God-given purpose here on earth. So a decision was made to “see something and do something “. The idea was to shift the negative narratives placed on the black community and to do something real about it. Promoting a movement of servitude, unconditional love, high moral character to address the greater good of society, as goodwill ambassadors to uplift our children and their families. Disappointed by the disparities of being not being seen as a cohesive group of people working together utilizing their inherent Gifts from God whether it be if they felt to be surrogate, mothers, sisters, advocates, healers, educators, wealth builders, creatives, or protectors. the call of duty sprung forward birthing the network of community helpers. In the famous words of The Condolers s “May the Life I live speak for me.”

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871 Northwest 167th Terrace, Miami, FL, USA

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