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712 Palermo Avenue, Coral Gables, Miami-Dade, FL, USA
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Owner's Name:David A. Duckenfield Owner's Ethnicity:African-American

Duckenfield Communications crafts compelling public relations campaigns for clients looking to reach multi-cultural audiences in impactful and nuanced ways. They have perfected the art and science of promoting issues, brands, and services with a strategy that is insight-informed. — doing the right things to reach the right audiences and achieve the right outcomes that are measurable and actionable for our clients. Duckenfield Communications also specializes in helping companies and non-profits navigate and communicate their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to both internal audiences. In today’s business climate, they guide companies to demonstrate — and celebrate — advancements in their diversity and inclusion profile, which, in turn, keeps positive momentum going and returns social and monetary dividends to the organization. Their clients range from large corporations to non-profits, small businesses, and professional service organizations.

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712 Palermo Avenue, Coral Gables, Miami-Dade, FL, USA

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