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Dr. Thrower’s Skin Care

Skin care clinic 180 Northeast 99th Street, Miami Shores, FL, USA
Owner's Name:Dr. Angelo P. Thrower

Dr. Angelo P. Thrower, is a medical doctor, specializing in ethnic skin and hair conditions, opened his private practice more than 25 years ago. Since that time, he has formulated a line of skin type specific skin care products, authored three test books covering skin and hair care for ethnic skin, and has served as one of the team physicians for the NBA’s Miami Heat since 1992.

A graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine, and George Washington University Medical Center in Washington DC, Dr. Thrower has contributed greatly to the study of dermatology in ethnic skin, writing the book Black Skin Care for the Practicing Professional, and co-authoring Skin Care: How to Save Your Skin and Basic Care for Naturally Textured Hair.

Dr. Thrower’s focus on ethnic skin and hair care led him to develop the Dr. Thrower Skin Type Specific line of skin care products, specifically formulated to address certain issues facing varying skin types. His over-the-counter products are sold in his practice, in beauty supply stores, and are available for purchase on this website. He is also the creator of the Thro-Grower Rx Hair Regrowth products, which are scalp-friendly for all hair types. These products have been patented and are pending FDA approval.

Dr. Thrower’s philosophy is to treat and educate consumers from all ethnic groups about the importance of proper hair care, skin care and treatments based on their specific skin type and scalp conditions.

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180 Northeast 99th Street, Miami Shores, FL, USA

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