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985 Northwest 111th Street, Miami, FL, USA
Call us anytime (305) 240 - 7357
Owner's Name:Kendal Michel Owner's Ethnicity :Haitian-American

DaGr8FM Radio Station is a marketing and management hub associated with indie and mainstream music, entertainment, fashion, multimedia, and more. This company is committed to the goal of working with individuals and companies who are also driven to work relentlessly toward their aspirations. With the plethora of avenues to get our clients exposed and being online, we target local, national, and international markets which we believe is our strength and will allow us to give maximum exposure. Our outlet provides music production, music recording, radio production & streaming, media, social media advertising & promotion, photography, videography, video production, podcasting, web design, graphic design, management, marketing, consulting, legal contract services & notary.

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985 Northwest 111th Street, Miami, FL, USA

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