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Suite 110 Urbanwear, 1490 NW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL, USA
Owner's Name:Cellie Mayol Owner's Ethnicity:Other Caribbean

Cellie Mayol is the President and Founder of Compass Management Enterprises & Compass For Change. With 20 years in business management, this former CFO uses her business acumen, dynamic background in a myriad of areas and coaching to be a compass for her clients. Her purpose is to guide people to transform their thoughts, behaviors and habits to create a life aligned with their soul purpose.

In 2013, Cellie was arrested for drug trafficking and was facing 50 years behind bars. Her powerful metamorphosis and her experience with the frustrations of the probation system, Cellie chose the entrepreneurial route birthing Compass Management. Tired of not seeing change or enough help for others like her, she created a non-profit, Compass For Change, to challenge social injustices. There are 2 initiatives: guide other returning citizens to strategically integrate themselves into society through Entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment.

Cellie works closely with her clients to guide them through healing their traumas and unlearning programming, so they can create the habits, thoughts and patterns necessary to align with their soul desire and reach their maximum potential to lead lives that thrive, not survive. Cellie shows her clients that business and personal are intertwined and both need to be in harmony.

Cellie is a transformational happiness curator and catalyst. and Cellie is a life and business coach, a meditation instructor and certified in NLP & Positive Psychology with a degree in International Business Management and Finance.

Cellie offers a wide variety of services outside of speaking such as individual and group coaching programs, personal and professional development seminars/workshops. She develops corporate whole wellness programs and teaches meditation 1-on-1 & in group settings. Furthering her client’s success, she offers business consulting and back-end operational management services such as accounting and HR to help her clients create sustainable growth.

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Suite 110 Urbanwear, 1490 NW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL, USA

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