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Bahamian-Haitian style seafood 200 NW 54th St, Miami, FL, United States
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Live Music Owner's Name:Wilkinson Sejour Owner's Ethnicity:Haitian-Bahamian

Chef Creole has become known as the king of Bahamian-Haitian style seafood. Since the early 90’s when he opened the first Chef Creole in Little Haiti, he was among one of the early pioneers of introducing Haitian cuisine to the general public to make it the staple that it is today. Now the restaurant has grown to having a chain of restaurants throughout Miami, including in Little Haiti, Miami Gardens, and North Miami.

The restaurant’s secret to success is their blend of Haitian flavors to traditional Bahamian dishes to have cross over success with African-Americans and Caribbeans alike. On the menu are Haitian staples like griot, legume, and rice and beans as well as Bahamian dishes like conch salad and stewed conch.


13105 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami – (305) 893-4246

20356 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Gardens – (305) 651-4761

200 NW 54 St, Miami – (305) 754-2223

1392 NW 119th St, (305) 769-9440

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200 NW 54th St, Miami, FL, United States

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