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House of Mac expands to North Miami Beach

House of Mac

Who knew that Mac n Cheese could be tasty and profitable, but Black entrepreneur and Chef, Derrick Turton, is proving that this American favorite comfort food, which was actually created by former slave-chef James Hemings, could be highly profitable.

Derrick, also popular as Chef Teach, is a former music manager of singer and artist Pitbull. He started the House of Mac as a food truck and would park his truck around town and serve the yumilicious Mac n Cheese. In no time, he gained popularity and expanded to a physical in South Beach. However, he would soon have to close up the South Beach location, but that didn’t stop him from doing what he loved. 

He opened the current shop in Wynwood, and since then the world-famous House of Mac has become known for its unique spin on traditional cuisine and succulent delights like jerk salmon pasta, fried chicken & waffles, and their signature world-famous Mac & Cheese. The line into the food joint is always wrapped around the corner with both locals and tourists. Needless to say, Chef Teach found a winning formula.

Shortly thereafter, the brand eventually became a chain and opened another location at the Bright Light train station followed by the latest opening at North Miami Beach. And if you have a party, House of Mac has it covered with a catering service featuring their popular dishes.

Derrick is not just about being chef and making food, but the Hip Hop flare that he adds to his food is what makes him popular and undoubtedly the king of your favorite Mac n Cheese. He’s created a culture around his dishes and has become a brand with features in Forbes, Miami Herald, Billboard, and Fox Business, to name a few. People are not there just for food, but for the energy that has become expected. 

With his continuous efforts and success, Chef Teach continues to add to the Black business community and we anticipate that the chain will continue to grow, and maybe franchising could be in his future. 

Stop by any of the House of Mac locations and see what the hype has been about.

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