This episode is blackety black black! Shani and I go beyond Black wealth for a deep dive on the psychological impact of slavery, systemic oppression ,and the connection to the Black economy.

Even when the people are not protesting, my life is a protest. The way I live is a protest. The way I deal with my husband and children is a protest. The way I eat my food is a protest. I’ll always be protesting.

As a financial planner, Shani does more than just help her clients manage their money. She’s deeply passionate in particular about helping Black people understand how their psychology  affects their spending habits and their relationship with money. Through her Money Therapy coaching, she helps clients repair their relationship with money to set them on a better path to financial freedom.

In what was supposed to be a 15 minute chat turned into almost two hours of a much needed discussion on how Black people’s oppression has impacted our financial core. Tune in and you will be hollering Amen throughout the episode.

About Shani Curry St.Vil
Shani can be seen as a guest Personal Finance Expert on CBS Miami 4. She’s also a contributing Writer to Black Enterprise and on Amazon as a published author of 10 things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse sharing her passion to ensure women everywhere focus less on how much their bags cost, and more on the wealth inside of them! #PurseEmpowerment

Shani Curry St.Vil, became versed in personal finance by boosting her own credit score to become a homeowner at the age of 22, spending a decade understanding financial products as a banker, and deciding to skip out on a wedding and instead opting to partner with her husband in creating a real estate portfolio that now includes three properties which are all debt free. Shani has accomplished all of this under the age of 40 along with her most prized treasures, her two sons ages four and six.

Where to find Shani
Instagram: @purseempowerment
Facebook: @PurseEmpowerment

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