Natalie Thames of Déjà vu Sweets is in an industry where she doesn’t always see confectioners look like her, and as a result, she sometimes surprises her customers when they find out that she’s the owner.

Being a Black-owned business, I still face the challenge of people thinking I’m another shade than I am, and when they do meet me, it’s like “Oh, you’re the owner?” Yes, I am the owner.

Tune into this episode to hear about Natalie’s journey as an entrepreneur and cake shop and her future plans for her business.

About Natalie Thames:
Déjà vu Sweets is a cake and confectionery studio with a modern twist. As a self-taught confectionery artist who loves to create art with food, Déjà vu Sweets was launched in 2013 and is named after Natalie’s firstborn.

Their skilled team creates handmade, beautifully detailed sugar creations using their distinctive style of pretty meets art. Inspired by their taste buds for greatness, they’ve uncovered a niche for high-end confections and dessert stations.

Natalie has a previous career in education and technology.

Where to find Déjà vu Sweets:
9791 West Sample Road, Cora Springs (By appointment only) | (954) 994-7774
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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