As Market President of FranNet of Greater Orlando, Linda Belford helps entrepreneurs navigate the franchising journey by providing the tools and resources that they need throughout the process through her free consultation.

Linda comes from a family of McDonald’s franchisees and knows the ins and outs of franchising. She encourages entrepreneurs to use franchising as an opportunity to scale their businesses. presents Series 3 of the Black Business Podcast featuring the stories of how these businesses have found their sweet spot, are creating products, and are creating their own path to success.

Many people think it’s not attainable, but it’s a franchising myth that you can’t own a multi-million dollar franchise. So we aim to educate, advise, and help people to make right the franchising choices the very first time, because owning a business is a once in a lifetime event. So it’s important to use every possible resource and get it right.

About FranNet

FranNet is a team of experienced local franchise experts, consultants, and brokers that help match you to the perfect business opportunity to meet your goals. From providing you with business options that fit your goals to coaching you through your due diligence process, they help reduce the risk of starting your own business.

Where to find FranNet

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