As a licensed mental health therapist, Jeff Rocker, Founder of How We See It, discusses how annual mental health checkups should be just as routine as physical checkups.

If I could counsel any celebrity that appears to need my services the most right now, it would be Antonio Brown. I would tell him my brother I am here for you. I know you feel like you don’t have a problem. There’s people that look like you and can relate to you and can help you get back in the NFL. So come check me out.

Besides the mental health stigma that we’re still struggling to overcome as a community, it’s even more important that mental health care is culturally competent. Jeff dispels all of the myths of mental health and shares the signs to look out for and how important it is to find healthy outlets to keep your mind fit and sound.

Tune into this episode for an important and timely chat. Mental health is self care!

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