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Did you know there are two Black-owned Burger King Franchises?

Black Owned Burger King Franchise

Who doesn’t know Burger King? It’s a fast-food chain serving grilled burgers, crispy fries, shakes, and breakfast for more than six decades in the states. Originating from Jacksonville, Miami, this quick-serving food chain is ruling the world with its more than 18,000 restaurants. Their premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experience is what has defined their brand for all this while. 

But did you know there are two Burger King franchises that are fully Black-owned and operated in Pembroke Pines? Well, yes! It’s a moment of honor for our community that our people are leaving a mark in the food industry by owning two individual franchises of such a big brand. One of them is located at 17067 Pines Blvd and another at 11298 Pines Blvd. Though due to Covid-19 things have not been so smooth for the owners, they are making a comeback and starting to grow again. 

And in this journey to regain balance, they need our support, because business means customers. So be a responsible member of the community and show them some support. Drop by whenever you can or order online. 

Support Black Business. Shop Black Business.

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